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Girls Only – How to have it all…
by: Jo Ball
You return home after a tough day and slip into a bath.

The taps trickle, the candles glow, the water, warm and soothing, soaks into your skin and the ballad of the moment defines your mood.

Your thoughts drift and the challenges of the day melt away. You’re dreaming of being on a beach. A turquoise tide tumbles on a sandy shore and the warmth that fills your pores now is the warmth of the sun. You feel wonderful and drift deeper and deeper and begin to picture the life you’d love…

Things haven’t been right for a while. You’ve felt like you’re turning up to work, hanging out for the weekend – which turns out to be a bit bland and samey, just like work. Days float by. You’re aware that life is lacking excitement and I know you’d love to change that. The problem is ‘how’.

If you are serious about making changes then read on:

1. How uncomfortable is life really?
A while ago I emailed my newsletter database list. I offered every person on that list the opportunity to get out of a rut and gain sufficient confidence to change their life within a year. ‘Yeah,’ they said in their droves. ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ a massive sixteen percent of my database responded. Problem was this though: when they discovered they needed to do something the willing sixteen percent fell to one point four percent.

Decide now who you want to be. Do you seriously want to change Life? If so read on. If you just want to gripe and hope that life will miraculously change then stop reading now. The good advice in this article is not for you.

2. Accept that life changes when you change.
Do you want to look back at life in twenty years and see that your life is no happier than it was twenty years ago? Accept now that life will only change when you change it. No one will do it for you. Expecting life to change without doing anything any different is the definition of madness.

3. Be responsible
Don’t blame your boss, your partner or your children. Your life is your responsibility. Take responsibility and understand you are the creator in your life. You have made everything happen and will make everything happen.
4. Learn to understand yourself.
Knowing what you don’t like or want is easy. Take the time to understand what you do like and what you do want. Try to do things that moves you towards pleasure, rather than avoiding pain.

5. Have courage
Have the courage to take some action. Small action is fine. Little steps lead you a long way over time. Find people who support you and learn to ignore the ones who get in your way with discouragement. Read books that help you learn more about what you want to do. Find a personal development group, go on a workshop or find a coach.

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Best Wishes

Jo Ball
Founder, Unstoppable Life

About the author:

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