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Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 1
by: Tim Henry
Nothing since that Ancient Sumerian fashioned the first toothbrush from a simple twig has impacted the dental field more than cosmetic dentistry. Today it is possible for the average American to sport the same picture perfect smile as any celebrity.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses several different procedures which we will investigate. You may even have some of these procedures in your mouth right now. . .in fact the odds are that you have had some type of cosmetic dental procedure in your lifetime.

Itís important to meet with your dentist for an initial examination to determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic dental work. Your teeth must be in good condition before any cosmetic work is undertaken. If any type of dental disease is present, your dentist will explain what needs to be accomplished before proceeding with cosmetic work.

Once that is determined the dentist will explain the various cosmetic options available that are suitable for your needs, whether it be braces, bridges, bonding, veneers, bleaching and so on.

Whitening is one of the primary reasons that people consider cosmetic procedures. But, itís important to realize that often whiteners alone may not help. In fact, studies by the American Dental Association have shown that teeth with a yellowish tone will whiten well with a bleaching process whereas teeth that are brownish may not bleach well and grayish teeth may not bleach well at all.

If you have had other cosmetic processes done and then decide to try whitening, you could end up with a very undesirable effect of not having all your teeth uniform in color. Itís important to follow the advice of your dentist and not be swayed by advertising or how your best friendsí work turned out!

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