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Honda Environmental Technology Advances with Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda Fuel Cell Stack
by: Jenny McLane
Employing Variable Cylinder Management technology (VCM), Honda Accord Hybrid is the first hybrid vehicle to deactivate three of its engine's six cylinders in certain conditions like highway cruising for greater fuel efficiency without affecting its performance.
The new 2005 V6 Accord Hybrid integrates the fuel economy of a four cylinder compact Civic and high-level performance.
Combining VCM with Honda's Integrated Motor Assist hybrid technology, Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid captured four of the top five slots in the EPA 2004 fuel economy ratings. In 2005, Honda-developed fuel cell stack featuring increased performance and fuel efficiency, reduced cost and the capability to start in below freezing temperatures.
Leading the pioneering efforts for the development and application of leading edge environmental technologies including the first Low Emissions (LEV) and Ultra-Low Emissions (ULEV) vehicles and the first commercially certified fuel cell vehicle, Honda now again has proven its innovative ideas.
FCX fuel vehicle powered by the Honda FC stack is the realization of Honda's long held effort of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The Honda FCX then on its launching will be the first and only fuel cell vehicle certified by the EPA and California Air Resources Board for regular commercial use.
Starting and operating a vehicle in cold weather and freezing temperatures is a daunting technical barrier to the mass-market application of fuel cell technology. Honda's answer to this problem is the Fuel Cell stack with its newly developed electrolyte membranes and stamped metal separator structure for improved efficiency, recycle ability, and operation over a greater range of temperatures.
Prior to the FC stack's introduction in the Honda FCX, public road evaluations in the U.S and Japan is on going.
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About the author:

Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

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