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You Could Be An Author!
by: Joaquin de la Sierra

I started writing when I was 16 years old. To this day I love writing; I love the fact that we can translate words into images. It is incredible when I think about it. Everyone should write, writing is a way to express your feelings, what you want, what you are.

There is no excuse. With word processors, which are a godsend by the way, you can just start writing and you donít have to worry about spelling mistakes, having to retype anything, and many other things. If you are reading this is probably because you want to write, but for some reason you havenít done so.

If you think that writing will only take time away from you, you are wrong. Writing improves you in every way you can imagine. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Microsoft Word, and start writing!

Before you do that, there is something you must ask yourself. Would you write even if nobody read it? If you answered yes to that question, you can be a great author. It is true that writing doesnít become real until you have an audience, but remember that at first no one will want to read what you have to say. Perseverance is the key. If you want to write well, you have to practice, practice, and practice.

For your writing to be successful, you also need to read a lot. Reading is great. Iím sure you know what Iím talking about. If you are deciding whether you want to be an author or not, keep reading.

Iím sure youíve heard a lot about authors such as Stephen King and Dan Brown. You probably think that they are the only authors that really make $$$, well thatís simply not true. When you go to a bookstore, you see thousands of books. That means that there must be at least a few thousand successful authors out there. Thatís without counting e-books, online articles, newspapers, etc. And you can be part of that! The internet is growing like never before, people from all over the world are starting to read whatever you write. Itís just an incredible opportunity.

So what do you think now? Writing is not only good for making money. Writing is also good for advertising purposes. A teacher of mine once told me ďThere are only two useful skills in life; to read and to write.Ē Thatís one of the smartest things Iíve ever heard.

You are probably thinking that if you want to write, then you will have to put aside other activities. Thatís completely wrong. This day I write, I work, I have a beautiful wife, I study and Iím as happy as anyone can be. You tell me if you canít do anything other than writing. I consider writing a hobby.

So now you are probably thinking what kind of author you want to be. Thatís totally up to you. Remember that you must write about a subject that is familiar to you. Ideas will just flow through your mind if you write about something you like. If you decide that you want to write a book, do so. Perhaps write about something that happened to you, or about something that you thought about at some point in your life. The things you can write about are endless! If you write a good war book, be sure to tell me, because Iím going to buy it.

Remember that success is achieved by 99% of failure. So if you were to fall, remember this and keep writing. Never stop writing. One thing that the world lacks of are good authors, there are so many open positions. If you start now, who knows, in a few years you could be making more money than Bill Gates can count. There are more and more people every day that like to read. Not because of the TV, which doesnít help at all, but because education is greatly increasing all around the world. And since you are reading this you know how to read English and therefore, you can take advantage of this revolution.

So the bottom line is that you should start writing, and keep writing until you think about writing when you are not even writing.

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I write for a hobby, I worked for a newspaper company in the past, and I consider myself to be good at it. My website is my e-mail is

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This article was posted on January 05, 2005


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