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Coping With Stress- 3 Simple Steps
by: Cecil McIntosh
Coping With Stress - 3 Simple Steps

Attack and conquer deadly killer stress.

In the 14 years of teaching relaxation/meditation most people have admitted that stress is an issue they have ignored.

You ignore stress because it does not attack you like a big bang. Stress gradually creeps up on you like a can of worms and only becomes evident when the "worms" of aches and pains in your body become unbearable or exposed.

You can attack killer stress using 3 basic steps.

Step #1 You need to start your day in a stress free natural state. A stress free natural state means that your cells have
recharge and you are experiencing a wonderful flow of energy.

A stress free state does not include coffee, alcohol, smoking or pain killers in order to experience relaxation.

A natural stress free state is having the awesome feeling of relaxation by habitually practicing to relax. This practice also
helps you conquer killer stress.

You can use mantras, guided meditation,affirmations, soothing music or anchoring. The purpose of the natural stress free state is to prepare the mind and body for the onslaught of stress
attacks that you will be faced with during the day.

Relaxation soothes the soul (especially in these busy times) and it helps you brace the fall of nerve-shattering killer stress.

Step #2 Just imagine you wrote a 500 word sentence with one period. The sentence would make no sense at all. Therefore you
need to let go of your stress by punctuating the sentence.

Your life needs to be regularly punctuated in order to attack killer stress. This means that you need to take a quiet break at
lunch time and do another relaxation exercise.

Yes I have heard all kinds of excuse over the years, but when you take the time (to do a relaxation exercise at lunch time) you
will be amazed at the profound results. Killer stress will be neutralized.

Step #3 Let's assume you have difficulty with Step #2, then Step #3 can become your powerful rescuer.

Again at the end of the day you need to quietly punctuate the sentence of your life. Going nonstop all day without punctuation creates all kind of stress. It also exposes your vulneralility to killer stress.

Step #3 simply states that you separate work from home by doing a relaxation exercise before going home.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you knock out killer stress. This allows you to recharge your energies so that you can
spend time with your friends, family and or love ones.

One simple relaxation exercise is listening to whatever music you consider soothing. This has to be done either before you enter
the house or the first thing you do after entering the house.

If you are self employed or work from home then you need to make the necessary adjustments as when to do the relaxation exercises.

In summary you need to relax three time a day in order to knock out deadly killer stress.

Step #1 reminds you do a relaxation exercise in the morning to recharge your energies and prepare for the attacks of deadly killer stress.

Step #2 reminds you that you need to punctuate your life with relaxation exercise at lunch time in order to attack deadly killer stress.

Step #3 helps you separate work from home so that you can attack and conquer deadly killer stress and enjoy a life other than
work.This means that you can stop and smell the roses.

About the author:
Cecil McIntosh provides Relaxation Resources, that will turbo
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