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Replica Handbags Prove Authentic Labels Are Not Needed
by: Catherine Olivia
To me, there is only one reason to buy a replica or designer inspired's because if you paid $450.00 or more for that authentic Vuitton Monogram Papillion 30 bag you wouldn't have enough money for that Prada, or that Fendi, or that Chanel. Let's face it, for most of us purses are as important and exchangeable an accessory as our shoes. One pair of shoes will never do, and one handbag won't do either! Different outfits require different handbags!

I still wish that I had bought that authentic Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, that aqua colored one that I lusted after, but at upwards of $400.00 for a large one, I just couldn't afford it. Well, actually I could have afforded it, but was it really worth that price? Would this handbag finally have been "the one"? Would it be the one I carry all the time, the one that will compliment most of my outfits, or will it end up back in it's dust bag in the top of my closet? Knowing my track record, it would be back in it's dust bag in a matter of a few months.

Enter replica handbags. Most replica handbags are so perfectly reproduced that most of us, even your friends, and that woman giving you a second glance on the street won't be able to tell the difference. Most replica handbags are less than half the price of authentic designer bags. Needless to say, the materials used in the manufacture of replica bags are not as high quality as those used in designer bags, but some are very good. There are some high quality replica bags and some not so high quality replica bags. You'll want to do a little detective work before you purchase. Whenever you're spending your money you will want to get your money's worth.

Some online replica handbag sites actually have a hand in the manufacturing of the replicas. Look for these vendors. They choose the bag to be copied, choose the quality of the leather, the buckles and the zippers used. Higher quality business will do their absolute best to copy designer bags, down to the stitches used. They will inspect the bag paying attention to small details. They will also give you a money back guarantee or provide a one month warranty. These bags cost more than cheaper replicas, but they will be worth it.

Then, there are the cheap replica handbags mass produced in China. Generally cheap bags are very easy to spot. The first clue to quality would be the price. A replica Balenciaga Motorcycle bag for $19.95 is going to be a real disappointment. You do get what you pay for. These cheap replica handbags have inferior leather, or, as in the $19.95 bag above are made of simulated leather. Some may have uneven stitching and even puckered seams. They just aren't worth it.

Enjoy your handbags - choose carefully - and keep them guessing!

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