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Eagle Cuda 128 Fresh Or Seawater Fishfinder
by: Robert E. Byrd is introducing a remarkable new product is the new incredible low-cost Eagle® CUDA® 128 fish finder outperforms its competition beyond belief. Its 128 vertical pixel LCD shows fish better, giving you the advantage! This fish finder has many features and is at an incredibly low price. The features of the 128 include a 4" (10.2 cm) diagonal screen with a Film Super Twist LCD as well as a High-definition 128 vertical pixel resolution. These features along with a Backlit screen and 4-level of grayscale.

This fish finder is among the best around and can be mounted in your dash. It has a depth capability to 600 ft. and 800 watts of peak-to-peak power. With its high-performance, low-profile 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in temp delivers a wider, more effective fish detection area of up to 60° with high sensitivity settings - Operates at boat speeds up to 70 mph.

The sonar with this product is unsurpassed and includes, Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) automatically adjusts your settings for the best sonar picture Patented GRAYLINE® separates fish from nearby structure and bottom Advanced Fish I.D.™ shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols Fish Track™ displays target depth readings above fish symbols Surface water temperature readings come from a built-in temp sensor in the transducer Zoom with zoom bottom tracking and easy zoom-in/out control.

Fishing on-the-go is easy with the CUDA® 128 Portable. Features the handy Porta-Power Pack and a high-performance 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with suction-cup mounting bracket.

Other performance features include an ultra compact case design with an adjustable tilt; quick-release mounting system makes it easy to connect/disconnect with uniplug cable connector. Their also is an internal back-up memory for key sonar settings. The unit is completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments with a full one-year warranty.

This is an affordable fish finder with our low discounted pricing that you can find at For further information contact:

Bob Byrd
908 Prince St.
Pekin, IL 61554

Contact Information
Phone 309-346-5833

About The Author

Robert Byrd is owner of which has been online for almost a year now and is featuring marine electronics, CB radios, GPS units as well as gifts, figurines, knives and swords and adding more items daily.

This article was posted on October 30, 2005


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