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Great Tips on Planning a Furniture Removal
by: Ispas Marin
Moving from one place to another can be quite a traumatising experience. Moving all the heavy pieces of furniture, keeping an eye on the workers to make sure they donít break anything, packing all your things, then unpacking them, arrange everythingÖ these can turn out to be a heavy ordeal. But this whole moving operation could be completed without big headaches if you plan it carefully in advance. Here are a few tips you should apply whenever considering the possibility of a furniture removal operation.

The planning should start a month ahead the moving day. Start gathering all kind of necessary moving supplies like tape, boxes or rope. Get some newspapers for the breakable things if you donít want to spend money on bubble wrap. Always make the necessary travel/transportation arrangements ahead. If you plan to move in another city far away, you should contact airlines to make the necessary arrangements. You should also call more airline companies to get the best price and the best transportation conditions.

After doing this, look for a furniture removal company. Check more furniture removal companies, as they have different price and different facilities for transportation.

But the most important thing you should be doing before moving is to arrange for your mail to be delivered to the new residence. Contact all your friends, relatives, family etc to inform them on your new address. Inform the bank and other financial institutions on your new residence details. Ask the post office to forward your mail to the new address. Look for a new doctor/dentist/vet in the new area that you are about to move into.

Two weeks before starting the furniture removal, inform your utilities companies of your change of address. And contact the utilities companies at your new residence to sign up for their services. Confirm the moving or travel arrangements and start packing all the things that can be packed in advance.

The day before the moving day, make sure you havenít packed the moving supplies (meaning the tape or the bubble wrap). Make sure you have put the most important things (documents, checks, money or jewellery) in a bag that you will keep with you at all times.

And, during the furniture removal day, remember that losing your calm will not help. So try to stay calm, breath deep whenever an unfortunate accident (like breaking your favourite china) happens.

Good luck with your furniture removal operation!

About the author:
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