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Unique Christmas Table Top Decorations For Parties
by: Johann Erickson
Christmas table decorations for those one of a kind Christmas parties are fun and easy to make. If you do plan on making your own Christmas table decorations, they can be time consuming and if you have a dozen or so tables to decorate, you need help!

It depends on the type of Christmas party you will be hosting, the atmosphere you wish to provide and the style you want to showcase. If you’re having a Christmas party for children, simple centerpieces with take home accents will do but if it’s an elegant grown up Christmas party, your Christmas table decorations will probably be elegant and traditional.

If you’re indeed hosting a Christmas party for children, be as creative as you wish. A good idea is to decorate using styrofoam balls. They are inexpensive, usually around five dollars at the craft store and they are sold in bags of single sizes or mixed sizes. With some non-toxic craft paint, some glue on eyeballs and seed beads, you can turn a ball into an adorable snowman or an ornament fit for the tree.

The best way to make a snowman who will actually stand up straight is to cut a small circular piece of thick cardboard, using a thin bamboo stick put a hole in the center and allow the stick to stand. Take one of the largest styrofoam balls and slide it down the bamboo stick to the base of the cardboard, then repeat with a medium sized ball and then a small one for the snowman’s head. Decorate with your imagination!

To give the illusion of bright ornamental balls, either paint or spray paint the different sizes of the styrofoam balls and roll them in glitter. Add stripes and stencil on stars or snowflakes to make them unique. Use a paper clip to secure a ribbon for hanging.

For adult parties, sometimes more design effects should be used to create the perfect Christmas table decoration. Start with the other decorations in the room, the theme and go with it. Start with the tablecloth…if it’s country style then use a bright flannel topper or Christmas colors like red, green, gold, silver or white. If the room is dim, consider adding lighting elements on some of the tables.

One beautiful way is by adding floating candles in dyed water.

At your local discount store in the craft section there are beautiful glass and plastic bowl options to choose from and the average price for a small to mid sized piece is about a dollar and a half or three dollars for the larger ones. Fill the bowls ¾ full, add food coloring and stir in your desired color. Packages of floating tealites or votive candles are about five dollars for a twenty-four pack and when lit in a darkened area, they appear so elegant.

Confetti sprinkled around the bowls on the tables in holiday colors with twirls of ribbon adds just the right finishing touch.

Another idea is to make your own crystal balls using etching solution; you can even purchase festive stencils to etch. Using the same bowls turned upside down with a small candle with do the trick as long as they are sitting on a base that allows air to flow for the flame. To make a fitting base with the look of gold foiling, without the cost or the time, use aluminum foil and gold craft paint. Wad up the aluminum foil to give it a crinkled appearance and carefully open it up to its original size. On a flat surface lightly paint gold accents all over the shiny silver side of the aluminum foil. Two oblong wooden blocks, also available for pennies at the craft store will do the job when wrapped and placed beneath the crystal ball. Finish off the look with small gift boxes wrapped in multi designed Christmas wrapping paper or foil with a hidden dinner mint for each guest at the table.

Christmas table decorations are a must for any Christmas holiday party and the guests will be astounded with the creations. These are all easy and they don’t take much time to put together. Make your party unforgettable using simple elements for your Christmas table decorations and explore the creative aspect of Christmas décor in it’s many forms.

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