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Spy Bugs to Listen In
by: Shawn Davis

There are many different spy bugs that can be used to listen in on conversations. These can be bugs that you plant at a home, or listening devices that you wear on your person (or have someone else wear). But no matter how you use spy bugs, it is possible to glean useful information with them, whether you are an amateur, a professional, or are just looking for the truth.

The most common spy bugs are bugs that use a radio frequency to transmit the sounds around them. These bugs may be placed inside a home or office to catch conversations held in a room, or they may be hooked into a phone. When hooked into a phone, they can listen to both sides of a conversation over a phone line. Additionally, it is possible to wear these listening devices hidden on the body in what look regular items (pens, lighters, hats, etc.). The radio frequency is transmitted to a location where it can be heard, usually with no more than a regular FM radio.

Other spy bugs make use of ways that tap into the line itself and do not send radio transmissions. These types of bugs are harder to detect. A wiretap might fall into this category of direct bugs, as may a soft tap that makes use of computer software to listen to phone conversations. The best spy bugs, however, are the portable kind that go with the subject and allow you to phone in.

While it is possible to plant radio transmitting spy bugs on a person to go with her or him, it is far more practical to use a device that they trust, and that is unlikely to be shed or lost. This is a cell phone. Of course, spy bugs in the form of cell phones can only be used to learn information from people you know, and whom you might reasonably be expected to give a cell phone. A Spy Matrix Spy Phone is really a portable bug that lets you listen to conversations that make use of the cell phone as well as whatever is going on in the room at the time.

When you need to hear what is being said, the best things to use are spy bugs.

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